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Tennis Courts' cleaning

Deep cleaning

Every situation is unique and must be assessed accordingly; each problem must be addressed differently. Our professionals will evaluate the pavement and decide which is the best product to apply: for each type of surface and for each situation, we identify the best solution and the right product to be applied without damaging the floor.

We guarantee you the best cleaning solutions on the market which, allied to our powerful suction equipment, removes ingrained dirt and grease from surfaces, thereby increasing longevity and improving its appearance.
Keeping floors on tennis courts clean can be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be.
Getting them professionally cleaned will ensure a long-lasting result, reducing the amount of effort it takes to keep them looking beautiful.

Chemdry's cleaning system ensures the deep cleaning of tennis court’s floors, thanks to its powerful water injection and suction equipment, which removes ingrained dirt and grease from surfaces.

The use of environmentally friendly products ensures a safe cleaning, not damaging the floor.

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