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Waterproof, oil-proof, anti-graffiti and resistant to the weather

Any type of porous pavement must be treated and protected to prevent the infiltration of moisture and to prevent spots or stains, for either indoor or outdoor surfaces.
The sealant used by Chem-Dry is water and oil resistant, anti-graffiti and also resistant to the weather.

The treatment protection for graffiti prevents the penetration of dyes in porous surfaces, thus facilitating its cleaning, because it will prevent ink from infiltrating the surface.
The sealant application process is fast and safe. The sealant infiltrates into the surface leaving no traces behind. It does not alter the appearance, color of the surface. We also have the wet look sealant option.

We offer a 3 year warranty.

The Advantages:

• Our sealant allows you to prevent and avoid water penetration, thus eradicating the negative effects of moisture.
•  The surface becomes resistant to penetration of oils and any kind of oily substances.
• Resistant to the weather;
•  Resistant to atmospheric and industrial pollution.
•  It is a water-based product - considered environmentally friendly.
•  It is completely invisible after drying and does not alter the texture or color of the material.
•  High UV resistance.
•  Delays greasing and aging of the treated surface, allowing the material to breathe.

Product Features:

• Ecological product;
• Water based;
• No petroleum solvents;
• No silicone;
• More than 95% biodegradable;
• Non toxic;
• Non flammable;
• Not hazardous.

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