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Hardener and consolidator

Ideal for situations in which the support loses its characteristics and disintegrates. This treatment will consolidate the surface, preventing breakage.
One application/two functions – hardener and consolidator.

This treatment consolidates inorganic, porous, cohesive materials. It can also be used for restoring old monuments, fountains, cornices and statuary in natural stone. With this treatment you get to solve the principal causes  of deterioration of materials such as freeze/thaw cycles and acid rain damage due to salts (crystallization, hydration and hygroscopic), expansion and contraction of the material, modification of the structure of limestone carbonate under the action of CO2-containing water, colonization by cryptogrammic agents (moss, lichen etc.), use of excessively alkaline cleaners
and/or failure to rinse cleaners off. It recreates the mineral crystalline network destroyed by one of the causes mentioned above, so that the treated substrate is reverted to its original mechanical properties, without any change to its appearance or to its gas permeability.

The product used has water- and oil-repellent properties that provide lasting protection for all porous materials against penetration by water, oil and stains of all kinds. It slows the aging of substrates, facilitates their maintenance and prevents the main causes of deterioration such as atmospheric pollution, grease soiling, water intrusion, etc.

It is for indoor and outdoor use wherever materials need consolidating and protecting. It can be applied to siliceous and carbonate rocks, concrete, cement, bricks, terracotta, soft tertiary sandstone etc.

Product features:
-Increases the life of materials;
• Hardens and consolidates materials;
• Penetrates deeply;
• Colorless;
• Prevents penetration by water and greasy liquids;
• Limits efflorescence;
• Stain-, dirt- and adhesive-resistant;
• Non-film-forming – allows substrate to breathe;
• Excellent ageing, UV-resistant, does not yellow.

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