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Waterproof Treatment

Protective and invisible shield

This treatment acts as a protective and invisible shield, which will allows fabrics to remain clean for much longer. The product penetrates the fiber deeply and can therefore waterproof and protect all fabrics, carpets and rugs against penetration by water, oil and stains of all kinds (fruit, wine, fizzy drinks, coffee, tea, ice, etc.).

It does not modify the fabric: it respects the feel, texture and color. It helps the maintenance and slows the aging of fabrics. The treatment remains active after cleaning.
It is used indoors and outdoors, without restriction in all types of natural and synthetic fabrics such as: cotton, velvet, suede, chintz, leather and more.

Suitable for sofas, chairs, cushions, carpets, rugs, mattresses and more.

Product features:

• Lasts up to five washes, depending on the product used for cleaning;
• Protects against the penetration of water, oils, dust and all kinds of stains;
• Does not change the texture or the flammability of the fabric;
• It makes cleaning easier;
• Respects the original appearance of the fabric;
• Invisible when dry;
• Not hazardous or toxic;
• Not flammable.

This treatment is ideal for mattresses, duvets, pillows, sofas, curtains, rugs, carpets, work clothes, awnings, rain clothes, etc.

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