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Removes ingrained dirt and grease

Every situation is unique and must be assessed accordingly; each problem must be addressed differently. Our professionals will evaluate the pavement and decide which is the best product to apply: for each type of surface and for each situation, we identify the best solution and the right product to be applied without damaging the floor.

We guarantee you the best cleaning solutions on the market which, allied to our powerful suction equipment, removes ingrained dirt and grease on surfaces, thereby increasing longevity and improving its appearance.

This process is also an effective way of reducing bacteria, the surface becomes safer for both children and pets. We use only ecological products.

Cleaning services:

• Excellent for cleaning tiles, rustic floor and natural stone;
• Graffiti cleaning;
• Lime and calcium buildup removal;
• Removal of black spots caused by fungi and bacteria;
• Rust removal;
• Carpet glue removal;
• Waxes and varnishes removal;
• Sealant removal.

Professional cleaning for tiles and stone:

Products features:

• Non flammable;
• Ecological;
• Odorless, can be applied indoors and outdoors;
• Does not alter the substrates;
• Water-based;
•  Safe and non-toxic;
• Biodegradable > 90%;
• Not hazardous for indoor and outdoor cleaning.

We also provide floor treatments which will isolate the surfaces from dirt and germs, making the daily cleaning much easier and more effective.

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