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Drier, Cleaner and Healthier

Chem-Dry offers unique advantages:

Drier – Instead of pumping excessive amounts of water into the fabrics and attempting to suck it back out, Chem-Dry needs only one-fifth of moisture, when compared with other cleaning methods.

Cleaner - The amazing cleaning power of carbonating solutions creates a powerful reaction that deep cleans upholstery in a safe and gentle way — and because the bubbles work for us, Chem-Dry does not need to use soapy cleaning chemicals, guarantying a deep, safe and gentle clean. Remember that the usage of detergents or chemical solutions leave behind a trace of residue that will only make the upholstery dirtier in a faster way.

Healthier – Using minimal amounts of water that dries up in only one to two hours, the Chem-Dry process reduces the possibility of bacteria buildup due to moisture, creating a healthier environment for your home.)

Over 35 years of industry leading experience and development in professional cleaning, gives us unrivalled knowledge of just how to give carpets, upholstery, curtains and tiles the deepest clean.

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