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Sealant and curative/preventive treatment with long-lasting effect.

We offer our customers a service of cleaning roofs, ensuring the radical destruction of mosses, lichens, algae and mushrooms.
After cleaning, the brackets are ready for treatment, which may be, depending on the need and choice of each client, the application of sealant or curative treatment.

Sealant :

- Our sealant is waterproof and oil proof, protecting from water , oil and oily substances. 
- The application process is fast and safe. The sealant penetrates by infiltration. It does not change the appearance or color.
- By applying the sealant you will be preventing from water penetration, eradicating the negative effects of moisture.
- Resistant to atmospheric and industrial pollution.
- It is a water-based product and for that it is considered environmentally friendly.
- It is completely invisible after drying.
- 3 year warranty.

Curative and preventive treatment:

The healing power of this treatment, destroys all parasitic vegetation, does not alter the appearance of the surface and does not turn yellow.
This treatment is recommended for treating walls, ceilings, balconies, fountains, basins, monuments, sculptures, garden slabs, garden, boat hulls, tennis courts, wicker blinds, etc. The effect lasts for 2 to 5 years after application.
The Quaternary Ammonia compounds are halogens. Dissolved in water, prevents the growth of plants, branches, bryophytes and thallophytas. This plants end up dyeing by asphyxiation.
Total destruction of mosses, lichens, algae and mushrooms.

Destroys and inhibits algae, mosses, mushrooms and lichens from the following surfaces:
-   Tiles;
- Slates;
- Bricks;
- Concrete;
- Stones;
- Woods;
- Composite materials;
- Fabrics, etc..

Product Features:

• Curative and preventive;
• Non-toxic;
• Non nonylphenol;
• No chlorine and no solvents;
• Long-lasting effect;
• Scent of lemongrass;
• The tensio agent assets are biodegradable in values higher than 90%.

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